Jana Awning installed in terraced house in the Vega Baja

Today we’re in La Vega Baja del Segura to visit the home of a family who have decided to protect their veranda from the intense summer heat that strikes the region year after year.


Thanks to the addition of a Jana Awning that incorporates Saxun’s technology in traditional veranda systems, the sun’s rays are dispersed and the space remains sheltered during the most intense hours of the day.

In this case, the owners have installed a motorised system at an angle of 15º that unrolls a canvas awning under continuous tension to ensure the stability of the system even on the few windy days in these parts.

The installation process has also run smoothly because the system is up and running in just a few hours, providing maximum performance from day one.

And for the perfect complement to the Jana Awning’s protection, the designer has chosen to protect the windows with the Wind Screen Dante, which works as an external blind and blocks the sun when it is shining horizontally so that parts of the inside of the house don’t get hot.

We have talked a lot before about this brilliant system which integrates fabrics that adapt to the light needs of each space.

An idea that proves that technology and aesthetics can be fused to create comfort in the home.

A solution made in Saxun.

Cox, Alicante.

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