Roller Blinds


In the heart of Madrid, in a penthouse apartment owned by the famous sportsman David Meca, various solar protection systems have been installed with the aim of achieving comprehensive thermal comfort throughout the home.


Eight Dante 105 Wind Screens – lacquered in black and powered by IO motors – have been installed in this space, guaranteeing a high-performance outdoor solar protection solution even in such extreme weather conditions as those found in the Spanish capital, where summers are very hot and winters are cold.

Thanks to the selection of a fabric with micro-perforations, such as the 2044 model in the Soltis Perform 92 collection, heat is filtered and the greenhouse effect is limited, helping to reduce the use of air conditioning and leading to a consequent drop in the home’s electricity bills during the hottest months of the year.

By using this Soltis collection, the user is able to avoid glare, preserving visibility to the outside while ensuring privacy within the home.

All Soltis fabrics used in Saxun systems combine efficiency and aesthetics to perfection, using unique technology that exceeds market standards in terms of dimensional stability, mechanical strength, coating thickness and flatness.

In order to give the façade greater aesthetic value and, at the same time, to reinforce the protection of the space from the sun’s rays, David also chose to install nine Metis awnings in black, powered by IO motors.

Y para darle un mayor valor estético a la fachada y, al mismo tiempo reforzar la protección del espacio a la incidencia solar, David optó por instalar nueve toldos Metis en color negro y accionados mediante motorización IO.

Uno de los aspectos más destacados de este toldo son los brazos laterales que quedan plegados verticalmente sobre la pared y que resultan muy cómodos de utilizar para los usuarios de la vivienda.

One of the highlights of this awning are the side arms that are folded vertically over the wall and are very convenient to use for the residents of the home.

In addition, this system is an ideal awning for windows like those seen in the image, because they cover 180º and allow protecting the entire vertical hollow against the action of the sun and the wind, avoiding movements as the interior of the awning arm includes a spring that contributes a constant traction.


So that David doesn’t have to worry about gathering in the Metis on the most unpleasant days, wind sensors have also been installed to promote its automatic operation.

For interior sun protection and decoration, we have chosen to install four roller blinds driven by the Motion system, which consists of battery motorisation that can be operated from its own emitters.

To guarantee maximum protection, the designer used some of the fabrics with the highest protection capacity in the Saxun catalogue. These fabrics are the 9100 from the Berlin collection, the 2044 from the Soltis 92 collection and the 4501-10 from the Sax Screen 5500 collection.

To have full control of all the sun protection systems, David has also chosen TaHoma, the Somfy system that integrates into any device and allows you to manage all three products with just one click on your phone.

For privacy reasons the location is not precise