Roller Blinds

Hotel granadino discovers that luxury lies in comfort

Thanks to this Saxun product, the hotel successfully fuses functionality and design.


The Hotel Granada Alhambra Palace, located in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, is one of the most renowned buildings in the Nazarí capital due to the large number of celebrities who have passed through it throughout its long history.

For its most exclusive rooms, the hotel property has decided to install roller blinds in Denia, choosing blackout fabrics that prevent the admittance of light and guarantee darkness when it is most needed, in order to rest after the lively nights of Granada.

Thanks to the integration with the colours of the furniture and the walls, the product is perfectly adapted to the space, guaranteeing chromatic harmony and fusing design and functionality.

With the help of this blind, the thermal transmittance is also significantly reduced, lessening the need for air-conditioning equipment during cold winter nights and, consequently, reducing the cost of electrical appliances.


An ideal solution that is fully motorised and that brings the maximum performance to a space designed for rest, in one of the most vibrant cities of our country.

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