Fulvia: Protecting urban inner courtyards

Today we bring you the installation of a Fulvia tensioned canvas pergola in a town centre house in one of those municipalities in the south-east of Spain where the heat makes itself more than known when the summer months arrive.


With dimensions 6.8 metres wide by 4.7 metres high, the client has chosen a double structure to easily cover the breadth of a large patio, where they’re sure to enjoy great times with family and friends throughout the day.

This model has a built-in warm LED lighting system controlled using the same Situo 5 IO emitter that operates the pergola, creating an ideal environment for both day and night.

The wide variety of fabrics for the client and the designer to choose from while configuring the product helps to ensure that it always integrates perfectly with the surrounding architecture. On this occasion, the client chose a RAL 8017 textured lacquer with Opaque 622 canvas in colour 50539. Thanks to Saxun’s commitment to its clients to use only the highest quality materials, installations like the one we’re presenting here are protected not only from the most intense solar radiation, but also from the rains that visit the region during spring and autumn.

And for those windy days when the strongest gusts could pose a problem for the installation, the designer has chosen to include the Eolis Wirefree IO sensor, configured to bring in the system at the slightest hint of risk. It’s a solution that will undoubtedly increase the client’s quality of life at home.


For privacy reasons the location is not precise

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