Bioclimatic Pergola

Bioclimatic pergolas to protect company canteen

Today we’re going to an industrial estate on the outskirts of Alicante to visit the headquarters of a sports equipment chain that distributes products all around the country.


There, in a setting that has no relaxation space for staff, the company has decided to create a sheltered space for staff to eat, chat or enjoy a coffee in their down time.

To make this possible: eight bioclimatic pergolas enclosed by an Astron glass curtain, doubling the size of the company canteen.

With a structure lacquered in the RAL 9005 colour that contrasts perfectly with the slats coloured in RAL 9010, the space uses straight lines that aesthetically juxtapose the organic, natural lines of the inside of the office building.

The slats with up to 135º of movement, sealed edge system and the rainwater system all mean the space can be used on the hottest of days and on rainy days alike.

In fact, the system can withstand constant downpours of up to 108 litres per square metre per hour and can withstand even the dreaded hail that is so common in the region during the autumn.

The choice of Saxun has allowed management to transform the original terrace into a minimalist space with clean lines where employees can comfortably eat 365 days a year.

The effect on the balance sheet will be seen soon enough, since improvements in staff wellbeing will increase their productivity and engagement with the company.

This installation demonstrates that as younger people move into the management of big businesses, a new model of the management of human resources is taking hold.

A model based on fostering the creativity and talent of all members of the team.

A model that we at Saxun understand perfectly.

poligono industrial las atalayas.

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