Bioclimatic Pergola

Bioclimatic pergola installed in restaurant in Elche

Today we’re going to Elche and visiting one of the most renowned restaurants in the city: La Masía de Chencho.


There, on a beautiful estate amongst the palm trees and with one of the most renowned pairings of types of rice and different wines in Spain, the owners have decided to create a terrace where the comfort of the guests is always guaranteed.

To do this, they chose to install three Saxun Bioclimatic Pergolas mounted directly against a wall and supported by two columns to make the structure as stable as possible.

Lacquered in RAL 9005 colour and fitted with light, rain and wind sensors, the pergolas are a perfect balance between the elegance required in a restaurant such as La Masía and the leading-edge technology expected by the hundreds of diners who come every day in search of a different dining experience.

The future extension of that experience would be possible thanks to other Saxun products designed to integrate perfectly with our pergolas, such as the highly sought-after Astron glass curtains.

In addition, in this instance the designer chose to install a Saxun Wind Screen Dante, covering a space of about four metres high by three metres wide, to block out the chilly draughts of the windiest days.

The use of a fabric with a high degree of openness maximises natural light and ventilation, ensuring perfect conditions even in the first months of spring, when winds in the region are at their strongest.

By choosing the fully automated and controllable Bioclimatic Pergola, La Masía increases not only its cachet, but also opens up the possibility of holding events with little extra work to be done.

By choosing to use the Bioclimatic Pergola as a hybrid space, La Masía will increase its turnover, as it is now able to accommodate more diners 365 days a year.

By choosing Saxun, the hospitality industry can continue to grow regardless of the circumstances.


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