Bioclimatic Pergola

Balearia chooses saxun’s bioclimatic pergola

The space is also used by tourists and locals as a leisure and restaurant area, making it an ideal place to have lunch or dinner in a unique maritime setting.


The Port of Balearia, in Denia, is one of the busiest maritime terminals in Spain thanks to its excellent connection with the four islands that make up the Balearic Archipelago.

To meet the needs of those who want to enjoy space in the best company, Balearia has decided to install seventeen bioclimatic pergolas to create a unique terrace with large dimensions and achieve a comfortable area for customers throughout the day.

Thanks to the aesthetics based on straight lines and the choice of white for their manufacture, the pergolas fit perfectly with the modern architecture of a space designed by the architect Juan Vicente Pedro Ruano.

A space designed to make the hours of waiting for that boat to depart for a dream location more comfortable: the Balearic Islands.

For privacy reasons the location is not precise

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