Aneas awning at a trendy restaurant

El Capricho de Raquel has become one of the most popular restaurants for the most discerning customers in Alicante.


Located just a few meters from the beach in the district of Urbanova, in a very pleasant garden environment, the management has decided to protect this outdoor space from the harsh heat of the Levant by installing several Wind Screens and three Aneas 125×125 awnings.

These awnings provide protection from inclement weather 365 days a year, a feature that is very important, as this is an area that seeks to remain economically active throughout the coldest months of the year.

With this objective in mind, the three Aneas 125 x 125 awnings were designed and manufactured in extruded aluminium. They are mounted on a beam and held in place with by crossbars, guaranteeing optimum anchoring to the ground and maximum stability, even on the windiest of days.

The straight lines that characterise the system, together with the RAL 9016 lacquering and the choice of a White 2042 fabric, allow it to fit in perfectly with the minimalist decoration of a space that seeks to convey distinction and cleanliness to those who visit it for the first time.

This solution can also adapt to suit the coldest days of the winter, due to the fact that it includes a complete system of Wind Screens that enclose the space, as well as a heating installation.

And if anything attracts the attention of visitors to this installation, it is the twenty-four Wind Screens that cover the twelve gaps that remain open under the Aneas, providing protection from the wind and lateral solar rays, for those who want to enjoy a lunch or dinner in a pleasant space throughout the year.

Due to the fact that two Wind Screens are installed for each gap, it is possible to have total control over the light intensity inside. The visibility of the translucent systems, combined with the protection of the opaque fabrics, allow the level of comfort desired by the customer to be achieved. This can make all the difference when compared with competing establishments.

Furthermore, both the Aneas and each of the Wind Screens are motorized, meaning that the employees of El Capricho de Raquel can operate all the enclosures with one single button on the remote control, or with the mobile app.

A solution that guarantees maximum profitability for the terrace, and which makes the restaurant one of the most exclusive in the city.

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