Protecting the most comfortable interiors from the outside

Saxun’s Wind Screen range was created to provide architects and designers with a solution that ensures maximum efficiency in heat protection, achieving optimum indoor comfort for those living inside the space.


Our Wind Screen filters and reflects light perfectly, ensuring that the owner of the space always enjoys a pleasant temperature and saves on their electricity bill.



With the arrival of the new Dante 85 Wind Screen, a wide range of different sizes and box designs is now available, from small windows to large openings such as bay windows or the space between columns of bioclimatic pergolas.

The fabrics used in our Wind Screens provide excellent protection against UV radiation, are resistant to water and high temperatures, and remain dimensionally stable.

The wide variety of fabrics available, such as Soltis, Precontraint, Titan and Artemis, will allow professionals to recommend our product range with a total guarantee of success.


While the variety and quality of the finishes help the user to always find a technically and aesthetically satisfactory solution, the wind resistance of up to class 5 winds guarantees optimum performance even in the most demanding weather conditions.

A fully automated and home automation system that will make life easier for users and increase the prestige of the designers who install them.