Fúlvia stretched canvas pergola: the latest addition to the BIM collection

At Giménez Ganga, we know that part of our success is due to the time that our team spends on developing processes, systems and workflows that facilitate architecture, interior design or construction professionals’ day to day.


This mission encompasses providing functional and practical tools to all the professionals who come into contact with us in any way, at any stage of their projects.

Therefore, we periodically update new product developments in BIM files, which we incorporate into our libraries in the hope that they really add value and usefulness to those who manage the requirement for these products in their projects around the world.

We have recently added the Fúlvia retractable and stretched canvas pergola to the download area of our website; it is the ideal solution for this rainy autumnal weather.

Made of waterproof canvas, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors even in the rainiest regions. An essential product for those homes or businesses that have wide exterior views that you want to enjoy all year round.

Thanks to this software, professionals will be able to check on the plan how the stretched canvas pergola will behave in the outdoor spaces where it will be installed, depending on the needs of each of their projects, and be able to measure its efficiency and options for use quickly and easily.

According to Joaquín Abellán, one of the members of the Technical Office and BIM developer, “new architecture has already internalised working with BIM when developing projects and, as a frame of reference in the sector, it is our obligation to adapt to this way of working, contributing all our knowledge to create synergies that can improve professionals’ day to day work”.

The rest of the systems will progressively be integrated until, through BIM, it is possible to connect professionals from all over the world with a business project that is already present in more than 70 countries, with the sole objective of satisfying the construction needs of each client in the best possible way.