Fulvia tensioned fabrics pergola
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The Fulvia tensioned fabrics pergola is one of the new releases in this season’s Saxun catalogue. This system has been specifically designed to protect users from the sun and rain throughout the whole year. The product adapts perfectly to all types of gardens and terraces thanks to its modular and dynamic design, which incorporates classic straight lines.


Protection from the sun, wind and rain
Surfaces are sheltered from solar radiation and rain thanks to a canvas manufactured using higher quality fabrics.

The system includes seals between the profiles and the canvas, creating an infallible waterproofing system that prevents water from entering the space’s interior. This is also complemented by a water evacuation system that operates via the columns.

In the event of torrential downpours, the minimum inclination of 15% guarantees a water evacuation capacity of up to 108 litres per square metre.

So, rain won’t stop users from enjoying their Fulvia installation, and neither will moderate intensity winds. Its structure and fabric are designed to resist up to class 3 winds, or the equivalent of up to 53 km/h.


Multiple options for the installer

Protection capacity is clearly a great advantage for the user, but the versatility of this product is what makes it really stand out for professionals. Fulvia allows combining up to 3 modules to adapt to any type of installation, able to cover areas of up to 13,000 x 6,500 x 3,000 centimetres.

This tensioned fabrics pergola is also totally assembled at our facilities, allowing a reduced installation and inspection time. The tension is regulated in just a few seconds, simply and intuitively.


Integrated LED to illuminate the most exclusive moments

A further particularly exclusive feature of this product is the integration of LED lighting. This provides the installation with an unparalleled aesthetic that is especially popular among clients who wish to enjoy the long summer nights.

The lighting can be installed both in the moveable cross bars and in the guttering and fixed cross bars. The cables are hidden within the structure itself to create two different lighting scenarios: one with the pergola rolled up and another with the pergola unfurled.

All this comes with the quality guarantee offered by the best materials (aluminium and stainless steel 304) with guaranteed resistance to exposure to inclement weather and rusting.

A Saxun product produced using the unique expertise of Giménez Ganga.

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