New BESTA parasol: revolutionising the concept of terraces

Besta is the new solar protection system developed by Saxun and designed for spaces in pursuit of a high dose of elegance and class when facing the Sun, allowing a wide casting of shade thanks to the multiple configurations available.


This large parasol is easy to use and install thanks to its telescope mechanism that allows smooth closing by driving a spindle through a removable crank. Thanks to this system, the user does not have to worry about removing objects under Besta before activating the product.

In addition, the use of independent fabric pieces allows the user to make any changes they may need with total simplicity and without requiring effort on the part of the installer.

With the possibility of choosing between 3 different shapes (square, round or octagonal), it will adapt perfectly to any type of need, providing maximum strength thanks to the use of 6063 T5 aluminium components, zinc-plated steel metal fittings and stainless steel screws. 



The most effective canvas on the market

The properties of the canvas allow total regulation of the sun’s radiation, incorporating sealing joints between profiles and, depending on the selection of the fabric, guaranteeing much-needed waterproofing on the rainiest days. 

The joining of profiles, done using pin, clip and bushing sets, avoids friction and favours the avant-garde aesthetics of the system, leaving the fabric attached to the inner profile and welded, which guarantees its durability and completely stops water getting in.


All Besta configurations are manufactured with a 17º slope to favour the run-off of water. In addition, the canopy of this parasol consists of 8 seamless, individually interchangeable pieces of fabric, making it easy to maintain and repair.

Accessories that ensure maximum performance

The possibility of incorporating a valance as an accessory, will provide you with better protection from the horizontal sun rays as it sets. An option that enhances aesthetics and allows personalised signage with the logo of businesses or institutions.

In addition, for those who want to enjoy the spaces at night time, you can incorporate 4 strips of 12 V LED light in the arms of the system, helping users to enjoy the product in low light levels, illuminating the place and giving it a unique personality. Rechargeable battery power helps give the product an autonomy that makes it easy to install anywhere, making it an ideal solution for multifunctional spaces.

An extremely reliable system for businesses that want to take the maximum economic yield from their spaces. 

A solution trusted by Martín Berasategui, Saxun’s brand ambassador.

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