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In the Portuguese capital, Michelin announced the new stars for 2018 and the prestigious Basque chef consolidated his leadership with ten awards, two more than he had previously.

To the eight already shared between his Lasarte, Tenerife and Barcelona restaurants, two more are added for restaurants Eme Be Garrote in San Sebastián and Oria, also in the Barcelona.

In his acceptance speech, the master chef remarked: "In addition to the pride that comes with being the chef with the highest number of stars in a Spanish-speaking country, the star awarded to Oria brings me particular joy as it is historic due to a geographical curiosity: the restaurant is located in Monument Hotel in Barcelona, which is also home to my restaurant Lasarte. Now it's the only hotel in the world where just a thin wall separates two Michelin-starred restaurants!"

On behalf of all of us who are part of Giménez Ganga, we give our sincerest congratulations and make a toast to the present and future successes of a person with whom we have a very special bond.

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