Lonas Green: The Revolution of healthy Spaces

Have you ever heard of tissues that oxygenate the air? Until now you probably thought that this function was only fulfilled by trees and plants, right?


Thanks to our suppliers Sauleda and Pureti, we have now been able to incorporate one of the world’s leading environmental care innovations into our range of outdoor fabrics.

This innovation is Green fabrics, which effectively reduce air pollutants such as NOx, SOx and VOCs.

The finish on this range of fabrics reacts to UVA rays, facilitating a chemical process that purifies and oxygenates the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and transforming it into oxygen.

How does this process work?

The simplicity of the explanation is in stark contrast to the decades of research that were required to complete the project.

The Green fabric is covered with titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2), which, when hit by UVA rays, trigger a chemical process that converts atmospheric oxygen and water vapour into HO and O2 cleaning agents.

The HO converts organic dirt and volatile organic compounds into minerals and gas and then converts back to H20, the HO also reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx), one of the most harmful gases in the atmosphere, into relatively harmless nitrates.



Does it really work?

According to our suppliers’ tests, we can assure you that this process reduces nitrogen dioxide levels by around 55%.

It also kills 60% of fungi and has a self-cleaning effect of approximately 70%.

A solution that is also available in a wide variety of different colours, so not only does it care for the environment, but it will also perfectly match the architecture of each façade.

A solution which demonstrates that, if the most immediate future is focused on reducing resources, the more distant future will instead be focused on regenerating them.

A solution that is now available for Saxun customers to enjoy.