La fuerza del monoblock con mayores posibilidades

The Zeres I awning is a monoblock model designed to overcome the challenges that large installations pose for all types of professionals


The durability and resistance provided by its sectioned arms makes this awning an ideal alternative for spaces such as cafés and restaurants, where employees should be able to rely on the fact that the system will constantly perform to its maximum capacity.

The incorporation of various supports for anchoring the weight-bearing structure provides professionals with a comfortable, quick and effective installation process.

The inclusion of Alden arms, which surpass 60,000 operative cycles, ensures maximum product performance over the years. This provides a quality guarantee for users, alongside added reassurance for our clients.

This model has a maximum reach of 3.50 metres and a maximum line of 6 metres. These dimensions allow inclination angles ranging from 0 to 85 degrees, so that the awning can be installed to meet all kinds of requirements.

A sure bet for users who demand maximum performance.

The technical file and technical manual can be downloaded.