Green: Sun protection that is more eco-friendly

Nowadays, increasingly, we want those who care for our surroundings to make a greater commitment to the environment. As a result, the Saxun team has decided to embark on a joint venture with Sauleda, launching its latest development in acrylic fabrics: a finish called ‘Green by Pureti’.


This is the result of a collaborative effort between leaders in the sun protection industry, striving to create spaces that are as beneficial as possible for users who are concerned about the well-being of the planet. It is compatible with Saxun’s entire range of sun protection systems.

When the finish is exposed to UVA rays, a reaction known as photocatalysis takes place. This facilitates a chemical process that purifies and oxygenates the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and transforming it into oxygen.

The method by which this is achieved can be explained very simply, in three steps:

Step one: UVA rays hit the Green fabric, and titanium dioxide nanoparticles trigger a chemical process that converts atmospheric oxygen and water vapour into hydroxide and oxygen cleaning agents.

Step two: Hydroxide converts organic dirt and volatile organic compounds into minerals and oxygen. It also converts nitrogen oxide, one of the most harmful gases in the atmosphere, into relatively harmless nitrates.

Step three: This process is continually repeated, cleaning the surface and the air, and reducing nitrogen dioxide levels by about 55%.

In addition, Green users can achieve approximately 60% reduction in fungi.

An innovation that was inspired by the operation of the most perfect machine in existence: nature.

An innovation that is available in a wide variety of colours, meaning that Saxun can guarantee that it will fit in perfectly with all types of architectural styles.

If you want to know more about this product, you can contact your sales representative or view the product data sheet at: