A great celebration for a great day! Saxun holds an employee party to inaugurate its new phase.

“Last November 26, a presentation event for the new brand was held in one of our facilities, which managed to surprise employees and guests. The reason: The announcement in advance that Saxun becomes the new commercial brand of all the products manufactured by Giménez Ganga.”


The 6th of November, 2021 at 5pm. That was the exact day and time when Giménez Ganga communicated to its employees, for the first time and with a big event, the decision that Saxun would become the brand name for all the company’s products.

It was a surprise event, for which everyone was gathered using various actions that piqued the curiosity and intrigue of the staff, without them knowing the real reason for the meeting until they found themselves in the location.  Looking to the future and counting on the dedication and involvement of the human team, Giménez Ganga is approaching the rebranding as a before and after in the company; a new positioning and a new way of addressing the world.

A great party set in the cosmos.

Under the campaign slogan “Your world, our universe”, an event was held themed around the cosmos and all the worlds that form part of it. These worlds were represented by the 500 employees from headquarters who attended the event, as well as representatives from the various production centres and branches that the company has throughout the country.

The dynamiser of the event was Nacho Dean, the explorer, writer and lecturer known for having slept under the stars around the world. He described the incredible expedition he completed, walking around the world for three years, covering four continents, 31 countries and 33,000 kilometres alone, unassisted and uninterruptedly.  Dean spoke from his own experience, with passion and authenticity, about the lessons learned throughout his adventures.

Next, Giménez Ganga’s Managing Director, Pedro Giménez Barceló, addressed the entire team, expressing the joy of all being together again at a celebration: “Giménez Ganga is a company that really likes to celebrate together and, because of the times we are living in, we must postpone that” he said.

His speech was followed by the presentation of Saxun’s new brand strategy, as well as other surprises.

We had the opportunity to find out more about the personal and professional world of some of the colleagues who make up this great family. They talked about their day to day, with videos that undoubtedly brought us closer to their daily realities and where we could see the importance of their work within the company.

We were also able to see what our new corporate visual identity will look like, taking a tour of all the points of contact that the brand has, both internally and externally.

A significant alteration has been the change of colours, which have been extended, as is logical, to the new uniformity of the employees, showcasing the Mediterranean character of the company and allowing the Saxun Universe to extend to each of these internal worlds, penetrating the reality of their daily lives.

An important element of the brand’s new visual identity, which will undoubtedly help to consolidate the change in the company’s external direction.

Throughout the event, the team was surrounded by numerous friends and family members of the company, including familiar faces such as chef Martín Berasategui and journalist Roberto Brasero.

We also heard from our friend Óscar Navarro, who spoke to us about the importance of “sound branding” and the situations he faced while working on creating ours. Because Oscar composed the music for the new Saxun spot, which was also presented at this event.

“You are not only part of our universe; you also helped us to create it.”

These were the words on one of the gifts that everyone at the event received: a personalised star map created from their name and the date they entered the company. That all-important moment that marked the start of our link to the Giménez Ganga world.

This detail symbolizes that every one of the 800 people who are part of the company has played their part in the upward trajectory of Giménez Ganga. A family business with over half a century of history, which today employs 800 people and has facilities of 90,000 square meters, with distribution capacity across the five continents and that exports its products manufactured in Spain to 70 countries. And from now on, recognised worldwide under the Saxun brand.

The event concluded with a communal meal where the attendees exchanged opinions about the event and talked about the new business direction in which they are involved.

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