Fulvia is celebrating its first year and professionals like it more and more

Fúlvia is celebrating the first year of its taut canvas pergola being on the market. It has reached maturity, becoming one of the most popular options for professionals from a variety of countries.


Due to the clean lines of its design, and the fact that it is modular and dynamic, Fúlvia can adapt perfectly to any type of garden or terrace. Fúlvia multiplies the possibilities of a space, giving it elegance and comfort, thanks to the perfect integration of its extendible tensioned and waterproof canvas, that is automated by using a remote control and that keeps large surfaces protected.


Integrated protection.

One of the great advantages of Fúlvia is the quality of its fabric which creates surfaces that are free from solar radiation and rain. The system is able to prevent water from getting in, thanks to the sealing joints between the frame and the canvas.

The 15% minimum inclination ensures that it can evacuate up to 108 litres of water per square metre, providing maximum reliability on normal rainy days.

Another element that should not prove to be a significant problem for Fúlvia users is moderate intensity winds, since its structure and fabric are designed to resist up to class 3 winds, or the equivalent of up to 53 km/h.


Designed for the fitter.

If protection is a great advantage for users, the versatility of the product is the thing that has surprised professionals in recent months. Fúlvia also allows up to 3 modules to be combined, in order to adapt to all types of installations, being able to cover spaces of up to 13×6.5×3 metres.

In addition, this taut canvas pergola comes out fully assembled from Saxun’s facilities, allowing a reduced time of installation and inspection. The tension is regulated in just a few seconds. This is done in a simple and intuitive way.


LED illumination that allows you to fully enjoy the night.

Another exclusive characteristic of this product is the integration of LED lighting, which gives this option an exceptional look. It makes all the difference for those who want to enjoy the long summer nights.

This lighting can be installed both in the mobile crosspieces and in the gutter and fixed crosspieces, leaving the cables hidden in the structure itself and generating two lighting scenarios: one with the pergola closed and another with the pergola extended.

All this, along with the guarantee provided by the best materials, aluminium and 304 stainless steel that ensure resilience when faced with exposure to the elements and corrosion.

A Saxun product created as only Giménez Ganga knows how.