Five reasons why the fulvia tensioned fabric pergola is ideal for all types of businesses

Fúlvia, the tensioned fabric pergola ideal for solar protection for all types of business


In recent months, much has been said about the new Fulvia Tensioned Fabric Pergola, a unique system that brings maximum performance to whatever needs you may have, whether domestic or business-related.

Down below, we will focus on its usefulness with regards to business, evaluating the ways in which hotels and restaurants may benefit from this equipment.

1. It keeps the area sheltered from the rain, boasting a waterproofing system based on the inclusion of sealing gaskets between layers of canvas. The minimum angle of 15% guarantees a water drainage capacity of up to 108 litres per square metre.

2. It adapts to any type of terrace or patio, allowing the installation of up to 3 units enabling it to cover spaces of up to 13 metres in length.


3. Its installation can be carried out in a very short period of time, ensuring that the space can go back to being used as soon as possible and allowing customers to return to the terrace or patio as soon as possible.

4. The integration of LED lighting bringsan added aesthetic and becomes a useful system for use in night-time settings.

5. The extensive range of fabrics and colours in which the canvasses are available ensures that there is always an option that fits seamlessly with the decorative needs of the venue.