The Eurostand has arrived: the new energy saving box

We recently announced a new alternative to our wide range of extruded PVC boxes that is designed to offer maximum performance for the most popular rolling shutters on the market.


This new product is called Eurostand. With its geometric structure that fits seamlessly into even the most contemporary architectural designs, it is the ideal solution for new buildings and older spaces in need of refurbishment.

The different layers of insulation hidden behind the profiles ensure optimum temperature and sound conditions in the home, guaranteeing peace and quiet for the people who live there.

This insulation is achieved by the internal coated polystyrene structure that protects the space from noise and the cold, achieving a minimum thermal transmittance of up to 0.58 W/M2K.

The different combinations of PVC and aluminium in flush and non-flush versions guarantee optimum performance suited to the requirements of any space.

The profiles offer a wide variety of colours, ensuring that the finishes of the box, shutter and carpentry will all blend seamlessly.

Available in sizes of 185 mm and 200 mm and with Especial, Grafipol and Passive insulation configurations, the system can be adapted to the needs of those living in the home, based on their consumption requirements.

So much so, that the Passive version meets the necessary standards to certify the house as a Passivhaus, achieving minimal energy consumption and offering users financial savings.

An innovation created by our Technical Office with one single goal: providing our customers with options to continue creating the most comfortable spaces in the world.

An innovation that our sales team is excited to announce to its customers.