Environmentally friendly fabric

Did you know that Saxun has blinds and curtains made with a fabric produced from 100% recycled PET from plastic bottles?


Not only that, they are also made to the strictest standards and are certified under a number of standards, including the M1 standard that confirms that the system is fire retardant.

In line with the basic principles of the circular economy, these fabrics are designed for people who want to protect more than just their homes, not only keeping the in the living room at a comfortable temperature but also protecting the planet by reducing energy consumption and giving new life to the plastic that is causing so much harm to the oceans.

A concept that is itself fully recyclable and one that nobody who has realised that our own wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of the planet can fail to fall in love with.

A concept that has a name, a name we are sure to remember: Cosmos Perla.

Because we can have a sustainable future or no future.