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Products used in the building’s space enclosure, as well as motorised products, may only be commercialised in the EU under the CE mark.

All of our outdoor Saxun products comply with Regulation (EU) Num. 305/2011, in regards to Construction Products, and applicable EN European standards.

Additionally, all of our motorised Saxun products meet with requirements from Directive 2006/42/CE in regards to machines.

Our CE mark implies that the product has been proven to meet applicable European Standards, and is a guarantee that it provides essential and obligatory services as far as quality and safety are concerned.


It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that their product conforms to applicable EN European standards, to issue the corresponding declarations and accompanying documents and to carry out the product marking.

Here at Saxun and Giménez Ganga, we recommend that you do not purchase products that are not duly endorsed by the CE mark, or products that do not have documentation proving that they are appropriate for essential quality requirements.

Saxun places the declarations and accompanying documentation for all of their manufactured products at their clients’ disposal.

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