¡Arriba! with Fulvia

The end of lockdown and progressing through the various phases of de-escalation has meant bar and restaurant terraces have taken on the centre-stage role that balconies had just weeks ago.


Because our bars and restaurants – along with their terraces – have once again become a meeting place where we can enjoy ourselves with those we love most, surrounded by a great atmosphere.

During a summer where our movements will continue to be limited, these outdoor spaces will provide salvation for those who want to get back to their daily habits, little by little.

And to make these terraces look better than ever before – as well as to accommodate the maximum number of diners throughout the day – many of these establishments will turn to Saxun and its Fúlvia Taut Canvas Pergola.

On the one hand, this modular and versatile system allows maximising the number of customers served, even at a time like the present, when maintaining distance between tables is an ethical and legal obligation.

On the other hand, the option of integrating LED lighting into the structure’s crossbeams helps ensure that there’s no time limit on using the terrace, extending those summer nights for as long as the customers want.

And all with the latest domotic technology at the worker’s disposal, to guarantee the product will always be in optimal condition in terms of both temperature and state of repair.

One more idea to keep the mood in the sector ¡Arriba!