Apartment for two: The new Saxun campaign with Berasategui and Brasero

Today we are premiering “Apartment for Two”, the new series of Saxun commercials starring Martín Berasategui and Roberto Brasero which demonstrate the numerous benefits of our star product: the bioclimatic pergola.


With a touch of humour and a very different tone to that sought after in the production of “La Sombra de Berasategui”, the starring pair demonstrate their spectacular chemistry to those who follow the series of audiovisuals of less than a minute through Saxun’s different communication channels.

The first chapter of the series is already available on Youtube and, from the company, we’d like to invite all our followers to keep an eye out for the next releases.

According to Luis Mataix, Saxun’s Marketing Director, “with this project we have found a new language to attract more users to our universe, users from whom we expect a greater interaction and an increase in the degree of knowledge about who we are and what we do”

It’s very easy to work with Saxun’s team of professionals,” says Martin. I’ve had a lot of fun making this series with my friend Roberto and I’ve discovered that I have a comic side that I didn’t know about until now”

A comic facet that is being used at the service of a marketing plan focused on arousing the curiosity of users at a time when the value of terraces is being redefined.

A comic facet that we know will delight all the followers of our firm”