Blanco 8102

Breathable fabric thanks to the microairinations that it includes and that dissipates heat naturally.

The perforated texture allows to take full advantage of natural light without glare, providing visibility to the outside even when the awning or blind is fully deployed.

Technical specifications:
Roll width: 267 cm
Weight per m2: 400 gr
Fabric thickness: 0,45 mm
Standard length piece: 40 ml
Tensile strength: Warp 220 daN/5 cm | Weft 220 daN/5 cm
Tear resistance: Warp 30 daN | Weft 25 daN
Fire classification: Fireproof M2
Openness factor: 4%
Recommended use: Indoor and outdoor
Maintenance: Damp cloth and mild soap on both sides

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