Blanco 1530

This fabric covered by an innovative finish that reacts to the incidence of UVA rays, promotes a chemical process that purifies and oxygenates the air, absorbing carbon dioxide and transforming it into oxygen.

A formula to take care of the nearest environment and eliminate all kinds of unpleasant odors.

Technical specifications:
Composition: Masacril® Acrylic 100% Solution Dyed
Roll width: 120 cm
Weight per m2: 300 gr
Length of rolls: 60 ml | 10 ml
Yarns: Warp 30h/cm (Nm 34/2) | Weft 15h/cm (Nm 34/2)
Tensile strength: Warp 140 daN/5 cm | Weft 95 daN/5 cm
Water Repellency: 360 mm
Finish: Green Pureti

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