A new life on the balconies

In difficult times like we’re experiencing right now, balconies open up like doorways to hope and take on a special role to help those of us who are stuck at home escape isolation.


Applause, songs and conversations with neighbours have shown us that this sometimes forgotten space in our home can be that lively place that is particularly important in difficult times like these.

Today, in Homes that Beat, we will talk about how to keep our balconies protected at a time when they are needed more than ever.

According to all the experts, this link with the community produces an emotional impact in people, leading them to share memories, opinions and desires from above.

As the psychologist Pilar Conde stated in a recent interview with Hola magazine, this authentic balcony revolution producing the following trends:

It strengthens our sense of belonging to a group, both our local neighbourhood and the nation as a whole, creating empathy and responsibility towards everyone around us.

It reminds us that we are not alone, that other people need contact as well. It makes us need each other.

It gives us a way to occupy our time and allows us to expand our living space, to share it with those next to us or in front of us.

And it’s on this last point that Saxun has a lot to say. Specially designed for those who want to have balconies that they can use at every moment of these long spring days, cassette awnings are a simple option, quick to install and easy to use. 

Designed for any type of balcony with railings, they can be attached either to the roof or the wall, and are the perfect option for communities with a very lively neighbourhood. 

Themis, Metis and Hybris. Own-brand cassette awnings for those who appreciate their balconies.

Awnings for homes that beat.