5 reasons why users love our Wind screens

After a few months in the market, many users have opted for the Dante & Grazia Screens to give their homes a special touch.


Each space with its own needs: hotels, restaurants, offices, residences, architectural firms…all are satisfied with the unique features supporting windows and bioclimatic pergolas.

What are these features? They are presented below:

1. They are highly efficient in providing protection against solar impact:

Although this feature is present in all our products, the new Wind Screens protect gaps directly and when they are installed on the outside only centimetres from the windows, they make heat accumulation form on the outside, assuring better thermal comfort on the inside.


2. Adverse weather condition protection:

Rain, hail and wind are gaps’ biggest enemies. Grazia & Dante, with the ability to withhold class 5 winds thanks to its guided zip system’s operation, are designed to meet the client’s needs at all times.  An ideal solution for places with unstable climates or for irregular Springs like the one that we are having in the Mediterranean coast.

Thanks to the incorporation of a new rubber sealon the ends that avoids the entrance of water to the window guides’ lower lid that allows drainage, it remains hermetically sealed on the inside without the accumulation of water and dampness in the base and moisture from creating.


3. Helps to save energy:

There is thermal balance all year round in spaces in which they are installed, and makes it so that air conditioning devices do not have to be activated, which not only help with people’s health but help to reduce the electricity bill.

According to various studies, a home’s air conditioning costs represents up to 20% of electricity consumption in both the winter as well as the summer depending on the geographic zone in which the space is located, whereby noting profitability from first month.

4. Easily adapts to types of façades:

The simplicity of its lines as well as its chromatic variety and aesthetic value, which add innovations such as hidden soldering, allow it to fit any architectural style resulting with an ideal option for architects or interior designers that look for high levels of exclusivity and solvency.



5. Think with utmost comfort in mind:

The systems are completely automated consequently moving from a distance and without any type of effort. In addition to this, Dante & Grazia support the incorporation of the Tahoma and Somfy system based in light and wind sensors that protect the room in an automated manner when the user is not at home.

Thanks to home automation revolution preconfigured scenes may be created for certain times or determined temperatures. All solar protection systems will behave according to what the user has set-up.


In a world where we can control everything from applications on our phones, how could we not with our solar protection systems?

If you want to know more about our new Wind Screens, we invite you to take a look at this post in which we describe their different technical possibilities.